Friday, July 24, 2020

How I lost weight ?

How I lost weight ?
You're probably going to fail at weight loss. It's true. I sure did. A bunch of times.

And it won't be because you have no drive or motivation. It's not because you don't want to or don't make an effort. It's not even because you eat too much.

I know that first-hand.

It will be because you refuse to do the smaller things, the ones that count and add up.

Like drinking a gallon of water per day, switching to stevia, meal prepping and tracking your food/calories until it's second nature.

You'll decide that those things are too hard so instead you'll try this new diet or that old diet, or take those pills/drinks/powders. Maybe you'll join a trendy gym too. And it might work at first, but then it won't. And you'll slide back into the hamster wheel like you always did. Just like me...

People write me every day asking how I lost weight and how I've kept it off, but they always get discouraged when I tell them that it took time and I put in the work. They always have a reason why they "could never" do this or that. It's not glamorous but in the end, this is what worked for me.

Hope this helps. 🖤

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