Saturday, August 15, 2020

Weight loss, I promise you can do it

Weight loss, I promise you can do it
I promise you can do it
I promise it won’t be easy
I promise there will be days where you look nothing like you used to look like but when you look in the mirror you will still see yourself as before.
There will be days your eating is out of control
There will be binge days and cheat days and good days.

There will be days filled with veggies, salad and meats but there will be memories with pizza and ice cream.

I still struggle but I have learned so much on this journey and I’m not even done.

It takes learning and tracking and tweaking and falling and getting up and starting again.

I have loose skin. I hate it but it’s part of my journey. It doesn’t look bad in this photo but it’s there some days I love it some days I hate it some days I don’t notice it other positions it makes me feel so insecure.
278.9 1/1/19- 153.4 on Saturday

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