Monday, September 21, 2020

Easy Lower Ab Workouts For Women At Home (Part 1) :

Easy Lower Ab Workouts For Women At Home (Part 1)
I want to start out by saying that men and women are not different when it comes to physiology except for the obvious differences in sexual organs. As far as the musculoskeletal system is concerned men and women are pretty much the same. Sure we have different inclinations and preferences but in terms of the natural make-up of our bodies there's no difference.

But the fact also remains that most people think that women should work out differently from men. I don't know how it all started but I guess it's a by-product of sexist thinking and culture that we've all inherited from the past. But this is not the dark ages anymore! So I want to put this out there that men and women can do the same kinds of work outs equally effectively.

To be more specific, it's wrong to think that women cannot do weight training and lift heavy weights. It's also wrong to think that women should stick to only cardio exercises and neglect weights or strength training. Women can lift as good as men. Just take a look at professional women weightlifters. They can dish it out as good as men any day!

I think most women shy away from doing weight training is that they fear they'll become too muscular and look masculine. And I also know that most guys don't like muscular women either. But if you're a woman you really don't need to worry about getting too muscular because your body does not produce enough testosterone like guys to be able to bulk up and build muscle. Actually, even guys have a tough time trying to get really big muscles. So it's very unlikely that you'll get big muscles by doing weight training.

On the contrary, you'll look better because you'll tone and firm up your muscles just right and still look feminine because your curves will be accentuated by your muscle tone. Female bodybuilders use a lot of steroids to achieve their look. It takes a lot of supplements to be able to look the way they do and remember that they're competing to build their bodies whereas your goal is simply to be fit and look good. So the bottom line is that women can do the same workouts as men without ending up looking like body-builders.

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