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Ways For Women to Progress in Strength Training :

Ways For Women to Progress in Strength Training
Women have to play diverse roles in life and this can be really taxing for most. While they have the mental strength to cope with a demanding life, it's their body that often lets them down. You might agree that, when you try to balance work and family, somewhere your fitness gets neglected. Not only does this take a toll on your health but also on your appearance. As a possible solution to these problems you can try strength training.

The goal of strength training is to make you stronger and fitter. This can allow you to fulfill all your daily responsibilities and yet not get fatigued easily! In case 'strength training' sounds difficult, you need to understand that it's not. You simply challenge your body with the help of weights and this allows your muscles to grow and strengthen.

Here are some ways in which you can get the best out of strength training, by progressing steadily.

1. The best way to challenge your body is to increase the weights that you are lifting. Your muscles are composed of muscle-fibers which become active once you start lifting weight. The more weights you lift, the greater is the number of fibers pressed into action. This gives you a full body workout.

However, you should take care that lifting increasing amounts of weight does not result in any physical pain. Strength training with weights should never be painful and must be stopped even when you experience the least bit of discomfort.

2. In case you are not increasing weights, you can increase repetitions. 8-12 repetitions of any particular movement should comprise one 'set'. Try not to do more because you won't get any additional benefits but might end up injuring yourself.

3. It might also be a good idea to increase the number of 'sets' that you do per exercise. In case you are doing two, you can increase it to three or four as you keep gaining strength.

4. To progress in weight training, you can increase the frequency of your workout sessions. Start off by working out two days a week and then move on to three or four days per week, when you feel strong enough to do so. However, take care not to workout more than two days in a row, unless you want to look like a female bodybuilder! You should also give your body enough time to rest and recover.

5. Another way to develop your strength training regime is to increase the intensity of workouts. This can really help you get fitter without working out longer than you usually do.

An easy way to increase the intensity of workouts is to try 'super sets' and 'compound sets'. Super sets involve working on two different muscle groups such as biceps and triceps, by doing two exercises one after the other, without resting in between.

Compound sets require you to work on the same muscle group by doing two different exercises one after the other without taking a break.

Other than these methods, you can hire a personal trainer to guide you through the process of strength training. This can ensure that you get the best out of every exercise and remain fit and strong always!

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