Thursday, October 1, 2020

Weight loss, my top tips are:

Weight loss, my top tips are
❤️ PLAN your meals for the week ahead, use insta for recipe/meal inspo! Which also reduces food waste & makes you excited for what’s next on the menu.

🧡 ENJOY what you eat!! Don’t force horrible soggy salad down as this will make you miserable. Weightloss is not sustainably achiever with a short term ‘diet’, it’s a lifestyle change! As soon as you see it that way, it’ll be easier.

💛 DRINK at least 2 litres water a day. Have a refillable bottle with you always and keep track!

💚 SET mini achievable goals, like, get 10k steps today, drink 3L water, do a 20 min exercise routine today, have all meals on plan this week etc

💙 TAKE pictures &/or measurements!! Scales can be so disheartening. Your weight will fluctuate about 5lbs every day, for various reasons. You may have had a big meal the day before, time of the month, you’re stressed.. the list goes on!!! Pictures will keep you motivated & show real progress.

💜 FINALLY have faith!! You can do this, just focus on the 24 hours ahead of you and keep your next goal in mind. Believe in yourself 😘 My DMs are alwayssss open and I will try and help the best I can 💘

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