Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Women Who Lift Weights Turn Into Men? (Part 1) :

There's a big myth that women have to train different then men. They don't. They can lift weights, do the same exercise, build a little muscle, become stronger and still be 100% female. Building muscle isn't all that easy right? You don't just do some weights and have a 21" inch arms the next month.

My point is...

Women can do the same things as men do. And even lift heavy if they desire to grow muscle rather then maintain.

A little muscle tone is not a bad thing right? And the only way to grow muscle is to stimulate it. I'm not suggesting females go bench 315 lbs tomorrow but there's no need to grab the pink weights and do 100 reps either while they sit there looking unchallenged and bored.

If they are worried about a particular body part taking over and making them out of proportion, then just hit them lightly and focus on the rest of the body. Just maintain them. Do not push or challenge them and they will just stay the same while the rest of her body grows, adapts and changes to fit her desired look.

I see women all the time at the gym with the tiniest weight. Because they don't want to get big and bulky like a man. But they also look bored and just doing it because somebody told them lifting weights was something they should do.

Unless your one of the few females that has as much testosterone as most men, it's not going to happen.

A key to muscle growth is testosterone. Females do not have
high levels of it, therefore, even if they worked out like men do, with heavy weights, she is not going to suddenly become manly, bulky and bulging with muscles.

Granted, there are some females who do have high levels but it's pretty rare. Don't worry...

Despite what you may have heard... there's really no such thing as toning. I'm sure to get flack for that statement but let me explain. There's three things you can do to a muscle.

-Build it

-Maintain it

-Lose it

Toning is really for most people, the process of building muscle so there's something to show... and once they are happy with the appearance, they maintain it. For all these reasons...

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Women Who Lift Weights Turn Into Men? (Part 1)

 Women Who Lift Weights Turn Into Men? (Part 1)

Women Who Lift Weights Turn Into Men? (Part 1)

Women Who Lift Weights Turn Into Men? (Part 1)

Women Who Lift Weights Turn Into Men? (Part 1)

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