Tuesday, November 10, 2020

I’ve lost 104lbs but I use a variety of methods :

I’ve lost 104lbs but I use a variety of methods

HAPPY BIRTHDAY caseynigmaa!!! She is the reason why I have spent five years working on our community!!Casey found the community and BECAME A LEADER!! She stepped up and became involved in every aspect the community has to offer. She has exponentially inspired thousands of people with her journey and work to help others the community!!! She’s an amazing human being inside and out and she is dedicated to making the life’s of others better!!! I only wish we can find more leaders like Casey to step up and be the light to so many in our community just starting their journey!!!

Meet:  caseynigmaa I’ve lost 104lbs but I use a variety of methods, but I mostly count macros, Herbalife and drink lots of water and go to the gym at least once a week. There is nothing I love more than being able to help people who are battling the same demons as me. This journey isn’t easy, and at times, feels so lonely. One of the biggest things that impacted me in a positive way during my initial weight loss was following instagram accounts of people who I identified with. They were on a path I was desperately trying to get on - and stay on. Because of these accounts, I felt like if they could do it, so could I. On my worst days, I could find someone I follow who was also having a bad day. Then I found this community, Wlstories! I can’t imagine a better, more supportive community. Last year, I went alone to the meetup. I was nervous, but getting to meet so many other kind souls who have battled this beast was humbling and I felt like I belonged!! I’m so grateful to this group, both near and far, for keeping it positive, fun and inspiring. Make sure you follow people you identify with! We are your tribe. Starting tip: Surround yourself in positivity. Whether it’s online, or in person. You should make sure that even on the rough days, you have people or outlets that bring you back on track.

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