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Weight Training and Fat Loss :

Weight Training and Fat Loss
Most people automatically think of diet, exercise and fat loss as being related to each other. But did you know that there are some bodybuilding workout routines that you can use as well? If you want to develop a healthier and toned body it is imperative that you make weight lifting or resistance training a part of your routine.

Weight lifting is even more important for women's health because they tend to have more bone loss as they get older. With weight lifting it is possible to increase bone density and have stronger bones just from making this part of your exercise plan.

A bodybuilding routine does not have to bulk you up. In fact, there is no danger of that unless you are using extreme techniques and really heavy weights. A good routine will tone and shape your muscles and body. It will add a lean and strong look to the female body also. Men tend to build muscle bulk easier because of their testosterone and body makeup. Both men and women can gain endurance and overall strength when they incorporate weight training.

Some weight lifting tips can be useful when you are a beginner. You should always study and have a good idea of the basics of weight lifting before you begin. Always start with some easily handled weights and practice your technique and form in front of a mirror. Perfect your technique and style before you progress to heavier weights.

The reason you lift weights in front of mirrors is to watch your technique, not to see how great you look. Increase the amount of weights you are using gradually and consistently. Never jump up more than a few pounds at a time even if you think you can do it.

Allow a time of cardio and stretching both before and after your weight lifting routine. Never work the same portion of your body 2 days in a row when you are using weights. Your muscles need at least a day to recover and rebuild.

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