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Workouts For Women, Tips and Suggestions

Workouts For Women, Tips and Suggestions
Workouts for women are designed to help accomplish two popular goals - to lose weight and feel fit. These workouts are not very different from the ones for men, but are tailored in some important ways to fit the needs of women better and match the unique needs of the female form.

The options are more extensive for workouts at a gym. But even for women who cannot find time to visit a gym, there are several routines that can be easily carried out right at home. These workouts for women can make a difference within weeks, making you stronger and your muscles firmer.

Along with exercises, embracing a healthy lifestyle which includes healthy eating, sleep, nutrition and hydration can have a transformational impact on overall fitness.

7 Minute Workout for Women

This simple exercise routine can be done at any time. Each round is followed by a rest break of 60 to 90 seconds. The workout is recommended twice or thrice every week.

It begins with an overhead squat which exercises the core, upper back and legs. It involves standing with feet apart and raising arms above the shoulder, then squatting as far as possible while keeping the knees behind the level of the toes. 10 to 15 repetitions make up a round.

Superman extensions are also designed to strengthen the core, lower back and buttock muscles. Lying on the floor with arms outstretched, you raise arms, legs and torso off the floor and hold the position while bringing arms forward. This exercise is also repeated 10 to 15 times in a round.

Scissor lunges exercise the lower body and are good for developing strength and firmness. With feet apart, the left leg is brought forward until the right knee touches the ground. An explosive jump with a criss-cross movement reverses the position, with right foot now forward and left knee close to the ground. Just 3 or 4 repetitions of this will do.

Other routines like the bird/dog, mountain climb, squat thrusts and pike walk or push-up are part of the 7 minute workout for women. Though initially these exercises will seem a bit difficult, they become easier with practice. It is important to start gradually and build up as your flexibility and stamina improve.

There are many other workout plans that don't require expensive or specialized gym equipment. The only thing required is determination to gain muscle and lose fat. With the right focus, persistence and a few minutes to exercise every day, it is possible to quickly and easily gain muscle, shed extra pounds and enjoy greater fitness.

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