Saturday, March 13, 2021

Why Fat Loss is More Critical Than Weight Loss? :

Why Fat Loss is More Critical Than Weight Loss?
Lose the belly fat, which I thought was very important and informative, and just want to share with everybody!

According to the research from the American Heart Association, using waistline test is a far more effective way of testing your risk of heart disease as compared to measuring your weight and BMI.

The research covers 63 countries and more than 17,000 peoples with heart disease. Their measured waistline, height and weight are used to gauge how these factors are related to their health. It was found that for American male of waistline 40 inches and above, and American female of waistline 35 inches and above, their risk of contacting heart disease will increase by 24% and 21% respectively!

However, using BMI of 30 as a gauge, obese male's risk of contacting heart disease is only 13%, while the same for woman is 20%!
This shows that using waistline test is a far more sensitive and effective way of measuring your fat level, and hence your risk of contacting diabetes and heart diseases.

This also explains why a person who looks slim but with a waistline which "exceeds", is definitely not better than an overweight person whose fat lay more on hips and thighs.

Therefore, I strongly urge you to do a test of your waistline now (the easiest way is to use a measuring tape), so that you are aware of how well you fare and in better control.

Forget about BMI and weight, waistline test has become the main focus among health industries as a "fitness gauge" nowadays.

I hope you will have a good understanding of why belly fat is critical. I know belly fat is stubborn, but not if you know how to use the right exercise and diet.

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