Sunday, March 14, 2021

How to Feel Your Abs Work (Part 1) :

How to Feel Your Abs Work (Part 1)
Working out is just that. Done properly it is work, and there is nothing worse than to think you are working for nothing. Two of my favorite ab exercises are bridges and side planks. These are very effective at engaging all your core muscles. The problem for me is that there isn't really a "burn" with these moves. I like to KNOW that I am muscle building. This is the move that I use to get it in my midsection.

First I do not mean to diminish the effectiveness of planks and bridges for core work. Just the opposite. They are the center pieces of my abdominal training. They are perfect for older lifters, male and female, because they are moves that remove all stress from the spine. I am just old school and need to feel the abs working. Though I know they are in bridges and planks I miss that burn.

All of the exercises for ab work that bring the tightness and burn sensations generally involve lying on your back as the starting position. From there crunches, leg lifts and bicycles are all great at giving your abs a workout. But for me I find that I cheat way too much by moving my neck and head as much as actually working my abs. Being on my back brings discomfort to my spine and lower back very quickly. Again, it's not that these are bad moves for ab work, it's that I don't think they are the most effective, given their shortcomings.

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