Sunday, May 16, 2021

Weight Loss Motivation, In the beginning...

Weight Loss Motivation, In the beginning...
Weight loss motivation seems effortless when you first start a program to get rid of belly fat. You have vivid visuals of how you want to look, you like to discuss your goals and receive supportive feedback, and you feel energized as the first several pounds come off easily.

This is a wave you want to ride to the formation of new eating habits... not crash and burn when you bump into a stubborn plateau. Weight loss success stories for women are filled with caution during these first 5-6 days. It is too easy to burnout after you come off this high. The main points of focus are:

  •     Pick only one or two specific goals to work on. (Getting sugar foods out of your diet... start a moderate strength training program, etc.)
  •     Do NOT jump into slashing calories by fifty percent, or going bananas with cardio.
  •     Focus on gradual weight loss. 1-2 lbs. per week is fine...and it really adds up.
  •     Understand that it took time to put on a few extra pounds, and it will take time to get them off.
  •     Dieting is short-term and controlling. You are seeking to change your eating habits.

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