Wednesday, June 2, 2021

My 10 Steps To Massive Muscles :

Building muscle is easy, you just have to know how it's done and apply that knowledge. There are so many things that you can do wrong when trying to build muscle that it is very important that you attempt it with the correct knowledge, otherwise you'll end up wasting your time and energy with little or no results for all your efforts and expense. It's quite easy to get fit, but to pack on pounds of muscle needs the correct knowledge - then it becomes easy.

Here are my 10 steps to Massive Muscles:

Note: Always get the go-ahead from your GP or Health Practitioner before starting or changing a training routine and before taking any nutritional supplements.

Step 1

Throw away your old routine and open your mind to new training ideas and techniques. Take two weeks off to take it easy and relax.

Step 2

Get yourself a copy of Rob Maraby's Massive Growth System and follow that for 12 weeks. Get it Below. Condense the system down to at least 12 weeks by not taking as many days off from the gym as recommended.

Step 3

In the Gym: Slow down with your rep speed taking 2 seconds to raise the weight and 4 seconds to lower it, applying much greater effort and concentration. Aim to make slight improvements every couple of days or so, at least every week.

Step 4

Write everything down in a notebook like sets, reps, amount of weight used, your body weight, your goals, meals, supplements, diet.

Step 5


Creatine - almost immediately before and immediately after training

Whey Protein - 45 minutes before and after training

Casein - before bed

Multi Vit/min - 1 a day with a meal

Vit C - twice a day morning and evening with meals

Vit E - 1 a day

EFAs - 1 a day

Step 6


Try and Eat 4 times a day, not including protein shakes. Eat plenty of vegetables with Chicken, Beef or Fish. Eat fruit first thing in the morning only.

Step 7

Water - and plenty of it. It's a lot more important than food but food just happens to be more satisfying. Drink at least 2 litres a day, at least. Take a litre to the gym if they don't have a fresh clean supply. Plenty of Water is needed.

Step 8

After 12 weeks of training with the Massive Growth System it's time to change things. First take note of your improvements. It's always a good idea to have the knowledge of more than one muscle-building and get yourself a copy of Jeff Anderson's Optimum Anabolics and follow that for at least 12 weeks or more. Get it Below.

Step 9

After 12 weeks or so, take note of your improvements and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. Take two weeks off, relax and enjoy.

Step 10

It's time to start all over again - at least now you have a lot more muscle than you started with.
You might want to stick with the same two muscle-building systems again if you are pleased with your results... or you can move onto another two muscle building systems. Follow the "explosive-muscle" link below for the greatest muscle-building systems ever.

 My 10 Steps To Massive Muscles My 10 Steps To Massive Muscles My 10 Steps To Massive Muscles My 10 Steps To Massive Muscles My 10 Steps To Massive Muscles

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