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5 Tips To Lose Body Fat The Healthy Way :

5 Tips To Lose Body Fat The Healthy Way
Tip 1. The workouts. Start out with moderate aerobic exercises and light weight lifting. Gradually ramp up the intensity of these workouts as your body begins to adapt making sure you're not putting dangerous stress on your body.

Tip 2. The Bad Fats. Start cutting back on the "bad fats" in your daily your meals.Just what are the "bad fats"? Saturated fats and trans fats are bad for you because they raise your cholesterol and this can lead to heart disease.

Examples of saturated fats are high-fat cuts of meat, chicken with the skin,and butter. Examples of some trans fats are vegetable shortening,commercially-baked pastry's, and packaged snack foods. Research has shown that these type of fats influence wait gain because they cause fat storage.

Tip 3. The Good Fats. On the other hand, the "good fats" such as omega 3 and the six fatty acids actually have a fat burning effect because they help activate the metabolism without stimulating insulin secretion into the blood stream. A spike in your insulin is going to result in more fat storage. The also fill you up better than other foods so you don't need to eat as much. The good fats fall into two basic categories, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Examples of these are olive oil,peanut oil,avocados, nuts, and fatty fish like salmon and tuna.

Tip 4. The carbohydrates, fibrous and starchy. The fibrous carbs include vegetables which are usually high in fiber and always low in caloric density. Because of their low calories they are hard to overeat and if you combine them with a lean protein you have a complete meal that can actually create automatic fat burning. Excamples are spinach, lettuce,green beans, broccoli, etc. Think greens and non starchy veggies here.

The starchy carbs are often misunderstood. They are higher in calories and usually avoided during a fat loss phase as they can cause a large insulin spike.But if you want to gain muscle or provide fuel to an athletic lifestyle, then add them to your diet but eat less of them. The key is to pick the right ones and time your consumption by eating them right after workouts.

Examples of some of the better starchy carb foods would be white baked potatoes, brown rice, and old fashioned rolled or steel cut oatmeal.

Tip 5. Meats While being a great source of iron and proteins, meat, re-meat in particular, has been linked to cancer in recent studies. I recommend cutting back on it if it's in your daily diet and focusing on the white meats when you do eat it. Examples of these are turkey, chicken, and pork chops which are considered a white meat.

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