Friday, July 16, 2021

5 Secrets For Sexy Arms :

Just about every woman I've ever trained focuses a lot of attention on getting smaller hips, butt, abs and legs. Sound familiar? In truth, a symmetrical body is one of the sexiest looks you can strive for.

By symmetrical, I'm referring to an overall body fat reduction and a complete workout program that doesn't neglect any muscle group. A 'magical" end result will happen from a workout that makes the shoulders as important as the glutes, the chest as important as the hips -- and, yes -- the arms as important as the abs. This makes the body appear balanced and artistic in design.

Everyone is fascinated by women who have sleek and tight arms -- biceps that look fit with a bit of muscularity, and triceps that look tight and firm. It displays strength and femininity wrapped in one package. What could be sexier than that?

There are a few things I've learned about attaining beautiful arms that have proven themselves time and again. These training concepts are not always seen in gyms and hardly performed by trainees.

As always, you do have to perform cardio and strength training to make changes; these are the best tools we have to improve a muscle from a cosmetic standpoint.

Here's my formula for sexy arms:

👉 1. Antagonist Workouts
👉 2. Time Between Sets
👉 3. The Tweak
👉 4. Specialization Days
👉 5. Lower Body Fat

5 Secrets For Sexy Arms 5 Secrets For Sexy Arms 5 Secrets For Sexy Arms 5 Secrets For Sexy Arms 5 Secrets For Sexy Arms 5 Secrets For Sexy Arms

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