Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Muscle Building Through Weight Training, The Ten Commandments :

1. You have to use a plan--even an elementary one--for your weight training routines. Otherwise you will be like a blind in a dark tunnel! If you don't have a plan then all the routes are the same.

What is your main objective?

- Muscle mass maintenance?
- Muscle hypertrophy?
- Strength or endurance, etc?

You will need different approaches to fulfil each one of them! So, what is your plan?

2. Keep weight training among your most important priorities until the end!

You will be lavishly rewarded for your persistence. No other form of training can have a more profound impact on your fitness level, health and quality of life, especially as the years pass!

3. Details are good but you had better stick to the basics, especially if you are an amateur weight trainer:

- Perform not more than 2-3 workouts per week. Keep them short--20 to 30 minutes each-- but really intense. Use a high training volume.
- Use mainly compound exercises and avoid isolation ones. There is a bigger interest for this kind of your time investment. Isolation exercises are like keeping your money in the safe!
- Leave split workouts for the experienced bodybuilders and go for total body workouts.
- Use progressive overload and aim for a continual progress or else you are certain to retreat!
- Give priority to an impeccable style over bigger and bigger weights. Remember:showing off is harmful!
- Try to avoid possible plateaus by varying your routines every now and then.
- Avoid any kind of supplements. Don't force your results! There are imminent dangers that you cannot even think of! Be patient and results will follow.

All that said, with some self-motivation you can have outstanding results by training at home( gym is optional!)

4. If you need to play, play with something else and not with weights.

Forget about the pink stories with 5kg dumbbells. You need to tax your muscular system decently if you want to elicit desirable results.

If you are afraid that you will bulk up, relax! I can guarantee that you will not if you are drug and dubious supplement-free. And this is especially valid for female weight trainers!

5. Beware of overtraining!

I am seized with great melancholy when I see so many fitness enthusiasts paying the heavy price tag carried by overtraining. So much effort, persistence and sweat in vain! They just follow their instinct only to be betrayed at last. Ovetraining will cannibalize your hard efforts together with your muscle tissue. All you fervent admirers of the Iron God, take care!

6. Do not neglect symmetry issues or do it at an unbearable cost.

Especially do not neglect your lower body. Train all your muscle evenly. This will protect you from serious, both aesthetical and functional problems. Do not show preferential treatment to any part of your body!

7. Do not indulge only in weights!

Try to vary your exercise menu. Showing prejudice in one field will harm you.

Include some cardio activity in your program, preferably anaerobic interval training which will respect your muscles and additionally boost your metabolism.

8. Include static stretching in your routines and after your workouts.

For many people it seems like an unnecessary luxury but as they get older they will be thankful for their prudence.

9. Take care of your nutrition which should be supportive of your training plans and not undermine them.

10. "You shall not covet your neighbor's house; you shall not covet your neighbor's wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor's. "

Sorry! The tenth commandment is:

Listen to what the pundits say, read from reliable sources BUT pass everything through your own filters and adjust it to your own needs.

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