Friday, August 20, 2021

Should Women Strength Train Differently Than Men?

Should Women Strength Train Differently Than Men?
A common misperception is that women will get bulky from strength training. They won't. Both sexes gain and lose muscle and fat the same way so there is no reason to strength train you differently. Even though it's true, men and women often have different goal but these different goals can be achieved with the same program.

Women usually aren't looking to develop big chests and arms, but rather they want to firm and tone their entire body, especially their legs and glutes which are the hardest things to be maintain as they age. The ironic thing is that they should do exactly the same thing to achieve these goals as men should do to bulk up.

Men and women's muscles are identical, the only difference being in size. It's virtually impossible that a woman would get bulky, muscular arms from doing upper body exercises. Even most of the professional female body builders don't have huge and bulky upper bodies. Mostly women continue to fail to understand that if they exercised their upper bodies as much as their lower, their tummies would just be much flatter, and their glutes would be much tighter, because they would be increasing their overall lean muscle mass as building and maintaining muscle, alone, is the most effective way to burn fat and calories when the manly man has been taught to hit the bench press, lat pull down machine, squat rack, and other contraptions of bodybuilding that achieve less functional and less physically attractive results than the full array of bodyweight exercises in my programs.

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