Thursday, September 9, 2021

Strength Training For Wome :

Strength Training For Wome
Even though there is a shift of women's strength training from performing the so-called women's exercises to the so-called men's exercises, it has been slow. And until this day I say many women just don't think to do barbell presses, pull-ups, or some type power lift exercise.

Some of the reasons are that I don't want to be bulky like men, gain too much muscles, or that look dangerous to perform. I believe and I know that women are as capable of performing most of the exercises, if not all, and they perform them as good as men.

Changing woman's mentality that strength training is beneficial and good for women should include many of the--manly exercises--and that is essential for them to accomplish with even better results in terms of strength and weight loss.

And being afraid if you train hard enough with weights or body weight would make you big and muscular like those professional women bodybuilders is not true. The hormonal make up of a female would not allow the body to become big and muscular unless you use drug muscle enhancements, like, steroids for example.

Benefits of Strength Training for Women

There are numerous benefits for women to start performing resistance training and here are some:

- Changing woman's body composition in terms of muscle: fat ratio through increasing muscle tissue and decreasing fat tissue.

- When you use weight training correctly, it can enhance your posture greatly.

- Women who have children need stamina and endurance, and strength training can you help to increase both.

- Many women with full-time careers in the white collar or desk-job environment are actually in need of strength training because their bodies spent most of the time in almost a motion-deprivation environment which can bring postural dysfunctions and body weakness.

- Adding strength training to your daily life will enhance your hormone profile along with your good eating habits and so forth.

There are also other health benefits that we already know about, and there may be other health benefits that we have not discovered or stumbled upon.

The important thing is to understand is strength training brings movement to your body, and movement is as critical as eating and sleeping.

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