Saturday, October 23, 2021

Don't Waste Any More Time Making Mistakes With Old Suicide Training Techniques :

Don't Waste Any More Time Making Mistakes With Old Suicide Training Techniques

This is it. This is the information no one wants to hear or read because it means responsibility and dedication, not magic potions or god-sent gizmos. There is some good news though, which I'll start with, but first.

Below is a multitude of information all of which will help you carve out that six pack you desire. First, read through...from there it's and apply.

It's important to remember that you requirements tomorrow might be slightly different from today so keep this info close for constant tips and exercises.

Best ever abs tips


To display a good set of abs body fat of 10-12% is ideal, although anything under 15% is still possible - diet is therefore essential for showing off the muscles, abdominals that lie beneath. See my six principles of six pack eating to get an idea of what you should be consuming.

Decline crunches

The decline position forces you into working your lower muscles groups, whereas a flat crunch isn't quite as effective. Try to do three sets of 20 reps, with a final set of 15 using a plate of between 15 and 20kg.

Cable crunches

It is a great move and really isolates your abdominal muscles so it won't strain your back which is great if you suffer from back pain. Do three sets of 20, adding to the weight each time, and do a final set of 15 at the first weight you used.


Shedding the belly fat really lets your abs shine through. Interval sessions on the treadmill and bike are great all-rounder's and will elevate your metabolism greatly and keep you lean, I also really like to go for 20 minutes on the punch bag as it's great for working your core.

Oblique crunches

Good for overall definition and giving the look of an even larger six-pack. I find lying on my back with my legs resting on a Swiss ball gives extra focus. Do four sets in total, 15 reps for the first two and 12 for the next, alternating left and right on each set.

Traditional sit-ups

Do them at home or at the gym. I like to tuck my feet under the couch with my knees bent and my hands at the side of my head. I do three sets of 20 first thing in the morning before breakfast.


Doing exercises that don't focus directly on your abs can also help build stronger abs. For example, cable curls or barbell curls - you can focus on your abs while you do these for at least one set and you'll notice the difference.

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