Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Review, What is Turbulence Training :

Review, What is Turbulence Training
Turbulence Training, written by Craig Ballantyne, is a professional fitness program designed to build muscle and burn fat with minimal time required to put in per week. It's now one of the most popular programs in North America, and is designed for people with little or no fitness knowledge, as well as advanced bodybuilders. Each program is customized for females or males, which is a nice touch that shows that the results should be optimal.

What makes Turbulence Training so effective is the use of compound exercises, which are exercises using several muscle groups at once. This is much harder, but gives greater effects in the end. The program is based on three 45-minute workouts per week, and even though these workouts are quite intense, the time-saving ability of this program makes it worth it on its own.

The program itself is simplified for anyone to understand. Each workout, and each exercises is explained to the fullest, including rest intervals, motion intervals, breathing, etc. There is no fancy language or complicated concepts. You're taught how to lose fat, and gain muscle. Simple as that.

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