Thursday, November 18, 2021

Trainer Reveals Exercises That Don't Work :

Trainer Reveals Exercises That Don't Work

Once in a while I workout at an old school gym.

Some workouts are pointless. But to my surprise, I still see men and women doing useless, ineffective exercises while they try to burn off their belly fat, lose inches from their waists, and tone their muscles.

All you need are the basics. Be consistent, stick with what is proven to work, and don't waste time in the gym. An exercise session should take much less than an hour to finish. And you only have to exercise hard 3 days per week, not 6 or 7.

Don't use these exercises, they aren't worth it...

1) Broomstick Twists

You know this classic move, put the broomstick across your shoulders and rotate side to side, with the hopes it will whittle your waist down inch by inch.

But to what should be no one's surprise, this doesn't work. The broomstick exercise will not help you. If you really want to lose belly fat, you have to do a lot more than that.

A better option: Hard cardio, and preferably interval training, is the best way to lose stomach fat.

2) Triceps Exercises

If you're a competitive bodybuilder, than triceps and biceps exercises are fine to have in your program. But if you are a busy man or woman that needs more results in less time, doing any type of isolation exercise (such as triceps kickbacks) is a waste of your precious time.

A better option: Any type of pushup. From kneeling pushups to close-grip pushups (where your hands are about shoulder-width apart), you'll get so much more benefit to the rest of your body and to your fat burning, body- sculpting program if you choose pushups over triceps exercises.

3) Exercises Standing on a Ball or Other Gadget

Lots of trainers are asking their clients to perform traditional exercises while standing on balls, half-balls, and inflatable disks, but I know this is not only a waste of time, but also dangerous! You better not crash from standing on the ball. Could you imagine trying to rationalize that in court?

Regardless, you will get stronger and even improve your balance more by training traditional exericses standing on the floor. Strength is the key to any gains in balance, fat loss, and muscle mass. By doing exercises on a wobbly surface, you reduce the strength gains and therefore all the rest of the benefits.

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