Thursday, November 18, 2021

The Top 10 Health & Fitness Myths :

Spot Reduction - Put simply, you cannot do crunches to burn belly fat off. You cannot do leg adduction abduction (inner & outer thighs) to burn fat off your thighs. You can not do any weight training exercise which will burn fat off that specific part.
1- Evil Carbs - Carbohydrates are your main source of energy for your muscles for exercise and your brain to think. Fat is more important to avoid to lose weight. Fat has twice as many calories than carbohydrates or protein and is easily stored as body fat.

2 - Working out in the morning burns more fat than working out later - Burning fat is accomplished over weeks, months or even years, not one workout. Doing your cardio when you have the most energy is optimal. You will burn more calories in the long run.

3 Doing Long and Slow Cardio Burns the Most Fat - It just wastes your precious time. High intensity exercise i.e. raising your heart rate to around 85% of the max burns far more calories, elevates your metabolism, and preserves your muscles better than snail cardio.

4 - Muscle Turns to Fat - If you stop working out your muscle does and can not turn into fat. Losing muscle and gaining fat after ceasing a workout program often occurs though.

5 - Heavy Weights will Bulk, Light Weights will Tone - Should be more like light weights help you not get results. Intensity (how heavy the weights are in relation to the rep range) must be high enough to get results.

6 - Women Should Not Lift Heavy Weights - Lifting heavy weights in the 8-12 rep range will do wonders for a woman's body. They will not bulk up like a woman bodybuilder without massive injections of testosterone.

7- You Should Not Eat After 6pm - Depends how many calories you consumed before 6pm. Carbohydrates after 6 are okay as well they will not turn to fat overnight. Again, one short term decision will not alter the long term result.

8 - If You Eat Too Much Protein You Will Get Too Muscular - Excess protein is excreted out of the body as urea. It is impossible build "too much" muscle without taking anabolic steroids.

9 - Fitness Machines Advertised on TV are More Effective than the Stuff in the Gym - To achieve your fitness goals, you should base your fitness program on science. Using free weights and performing cardio is more than you need to achieve your ideal body.

The Top 10 Health & Fitness Myths The Top 10 Health & Fitness Myths The Top 10 Health & Fitness Myths The Top 10 Health & Fitness Myths The Top 10 Health & Fitness Myths The Top 10 Health & Fitness Myths

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