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10 Weight Training Exercises to Avoid If You Want to Build Muscle Fast (Part 1) :

10 Weight Training Exercises to Avoid If You Want to Build Muscle Fast (Part 1)
1. Starting off the list is the leg extension. This one is deceiving as it gives you a good burn but it is utterly useless. There is absolutely no carryover between your leg extension strength and any other exercise in the gym. As mentioned before this is an isolation exercise and that's on our list of exercises to avoid. Another reason to avoid this exercise is because of the shearing force it creates on your knees. This may be the most stressful exercise there is for the knee there is in the gym.

Instead of the leg extension opt for a compound exercise such as the front squat. Squats are an excellent exercise to develop your quads. The front squat tends to place a little extra stress on the front of your leg if you're looking for even more quad activation.

2. At number two and not far behind is the Smith machine squat. If you're looking to add as much muscle mass as possible the squat is an excellent exercise but just not in a Smith machine.

The problem with this exercise is that you are locked into a particular movement pattern that's not natural, and this creates a lot of stress on your knees. Another drawback to the Smith machine is a lack of core stabilization. The regular squat requires your core, low back and abs to stabilize your spine. You lose this benefit when you're locked into a machine. This can lead to severe imbalances and injuries.

Though this does not make my list absolutely no exercise should be performed in the Smith machine, with the exception of push-ups and invert it rows. These two exercises are fine because its your body moving not the bar and the weight stack.

So add to the Smith machine to the no go exercise list and include bench pressing and shoulder pressing in the smith machine. Again your body is not needed to stabilize the weight and is locked in a pattern which can develop imbalances that will later cause injury.

3. Initiating squats with the knees. A proper squat is initiated with the hips sitting back. Many people initiate the squat with a bending of the knees and push them forward. There are two problems with this method. First and most important is that it adds unnecessary stress to your knees. Secondly it doesn't recruit the glutes and hamstrings as much, limiting the amount you can squat.

4. Bench dips are to to be avoided. I do have to admit that I use to do these to work my triceps at one time. But now that I'm older and wiser, I know better. To make it worse I use to stack plate upon plate on my lap to make it more difficult.

The problem with these kinds of dips is that it puts your shoulder in a bad position leaving it susceptible to injury. I know you can get a great pump from it, but down the road it can lead to serious shoulder issues. Parallel bar dips and close grip bench are effective alternatives to work your triceps, and are both much safer and easier on your shoulders.


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