Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Building Muscle Mass Fast, The Long Term Effects Versus Short Term Gain by Nick Russell :

Building Muscle Mass Fast, The Long Term Effects Versus Short Term Gain by Nick Russell
While women spend hours in the gym, tiptoeing onto the scales and painstakingly looking over calorie and fat content in foods to achieve the media perfect bikini body, men are also becoming increasingly concerned with their own physiques. Arguably down to the media portrayal of the perfect man in a tight pair of boxers with his firm pecs on show, men are now very concerned with building muscle bulk and one of the most commonly asked questions from new bodybuilders is about building muscle mass fast.

But building muscle mass fast  is almost without the use of steroids and protein supplements and the use of such things should really not be used unless for health reasons. Not only are they expensive with no guarantees of working, but particularly in the case of steroids, they can leave long term damaging health effects.

So when asked about building muscle mass fast, my response is often to suggest instead that you really ought to concentrate more on sustainable muscle growth than on fast muscle growth. And sustainable muscle growth is a simple formula. A good diet, a great exercise regime and plenty of rest. It isn't as simple in practice though as it requires commitment to a long term program that sees you eating a high protein diet, high in complex carbohydrates from wholemeal sources and rigorous exercise and weight training.

High protein foods include egg, cheese, milk and beans. The carbohydrates you should be looking to eat are from the likes of oatmeal and whole meal bread or toast. In terms of exercise plans, the concentration will be on lifting weights. But equally as important is the rest between sessions. You should work out your muscles until they are exhausted. However, doing so then also requires that you give them substantial rest before attempting to work them again.

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