Thursday, December 2, 2021

Isolation Exercises, Why Bother? : Don't Waste Your New Year's Resolution

Isolation Exercises, Why Bother? : Don't Waste Your New Year's Resolution
Don't Waste Your New Year's Resolution : probably don't go to the gym to shoot the breeze with the guys or girls or to stand around and look cool or train (cosmetically) for the next over-50 bodybuilding contest or to scout out some hot somebody.

You go to the gym to get more functional.

Given that, whether you're a man or woman, consider talking to a trainer about a prudent and safe (for you) program involving the generous use of mult-joint barbell and dumbbell exercises (sometimes referred to as closed-chain exercises).

Besides squats, what are some other multi-joint exercises? Bench press, cleans, hang cleans, high pulls, snatches, hang snatches, jerks, dead lifts, pull-ups, dips, cheater curls and good mornings, to name some of the most popular. I deliberately won't attempt to explain any of these exercises because, if you do want to try them, I'd like you to consider getting help from a good trainer first. Although you can probably learn about these exercises on the Web and find safe weights to start with in most or all of the above, it may be smart to have someone who really knows what he or she is doing advise and "spot" (watch and intercede, if necessary) you.

You could even start these exercises using just a broom handle and maybe treat them more as calisthenics.

Of course, you'll first want to check with your doc to see if you should even be in the gym, what kind of capacity you may have while in there and whether or not these exercises are for you. But, assuming you've already done that, seek some local trainer's help before giving these multi-joint exercises a try.

It'll be well worth it. You may find your functionality zooming right through the roof.

Unless...of really do just want big biceps to show off.

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