Saturday, December 18, 2021

Pick the Right Gym (Part 2) :

Pick the Right Gym (Part 2)

Pick the Right Gym (Part 2) :

Price is a huge factor of gym membership. There are numerous gyms available that are reasonably priced, and then on the other side of the spectrum there are gyms designed specifically for the upper class with membership costing thousands of dollars per year. I had the opportunity to attend one of the latter for a brief period of time and it was quite ridiculous. The locker room, for instance, felt more like a hotel room than anything else. There was deodorant, perfume, shaving cream, and small packets of soap, all neatly placed on the sink counter like a fancy hotel room. If these details and status are important to you, then a gym like that may be for you. However, for the rest of us on tight budgets, we have to look for the best deals available at the highest quality gyms within our budget. One of the main things to look out for are membership fees and hidden charges. Many gyms like to force you into a contractual agreement, forcing you to remain at that gym for a period of at least one year. Try to avoid these gyms at all costs because they are only out to get your money.

And one of the most important parts of finding a gym is finding one that is convenient for you to get to. If it's a struggle to get to the gym, then chances are that you won't go. If you live in a large city, try and find a gym that is on one of your local bus routes within ten minutes. This way you won't view it as a burden and since it will be so convenient to get to the gym, you will be more apt to go. And if you live in a more suburban area, aim for about five to ten minutes of driving time. This is all purely psychological, as is weightlifting. As long as everything is setup to work easily and not against you, you will succeed.

So stop procrastinating and get your ass up and off to the gym. Keep yourself healthy, mentally and physically.

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