Friday, December 17, 2021

Resistance Training, The Most Powerful Fat Burner! (Part 2) :

Resistance Training, The Most Powerful Fat Burner! (Part 1)

Resistance Training, The Most Powerful Fat Burner! (Part 2) :

Craig Ballantyne from Turbulence Training has been talking about this for years. He has designed tons of different workouts that include circuit training with either bodyweight or dumbells and interval training on a treadmill or other cardio machine. Most of these workouts can be done three times a week for around 45 minutes total. This includes both the resistance training and the interval cardio. I have followed this style of training whenever I am looking to lose some weight and get lean. It always works great and I always go back to it. Some people follow this type of training year round and get incredible results. As I get older and am now less enthused about how much I can bench press or trying to still squat 500 lbs, I am leaning more towards this style of training year round also.

This is a great way to train for both men and women, whether it's in a gym or at home. You don't need a ton of fancy equipment and you don't need to spend your life training. Another great thing about this type of training is that you don't have to have someone to spot you. You won't be doing dangerous exercises that require someone to help you out if you get stuck with a bar on your chest. You can train alone if you wish or with a training partner. I know some people that are just starting to exercise are self conscious and don't want to go to a gym around all of those people. You don't have to join a gym with this style of training, although you will most likely make better progress than most of the people that go to gyms. Most of the people that I see in the gym, are lost and really do not know how to train effectively. So get off the treadmill and give it a try. You will get better results and probably have more time to do other things in your life.

No matter what body style or how much weight that you need to lose, weight loss all comes down to three simple steps. The fitness and dieting industry try to make it more difficult that it really is so they can sell you the diet of the week or the newest magic pill that never works!

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