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The Five Most Important Steps to Getting Your Six Pack Abs:

The Five Most Important Steps to Getting Your Six Pack Abs
ou've seen the ads on TV; the screen is filled with attractive men and women sporting six pack abs and finely toned muscles; can you look like that as well? It's very possible.

The problem is that there are many myths surrounding great looking abdominal muscles. I'm going to expose some of those myths and show you five simple steps to getting the six pack of your dreams. Having a set of six pack abs refers to the way your abdominal muscles look when they show through your skin.

One popular myth is that those people with six pack abs were born that way. Sure, some people with good genes; usually metomorphs have great muscle tone naturally. But the truth is that genes will only get you so far. These folks tend to have six pack abs because of their diet and exercise program. Those who come by it naturally must have a very low fat level combined with enhanced muscularity. We've all seen really skinny guys with no abdominal definition to speak of.

You can get six pack abs by doing what fitness models and bodybuilders do when they are getting ready for competition. They combine a mixture of intense training, calorie restriction and good nutrition to get their bodies to burn more calories than they consume.

To keep their six pack abs, fitness models maintain a body fat level well below 10% and reduce their water-weight before a photo shoot. Through the use of diuretics, and withholding water, they add more definition to their muscles by removing a excess water from their skin.

Here are the Five Most Important Steps To Getting Your Six Pack Abs:

· Calorie restriction for a limited time
· High Intensity Strength training
· High Intensity Cardio training
· Specific abdominal training
· Monitor fat percentage

To develop your abs, you should work out for half an hour a day, cut 500 calories from your daily meal plan and alternate between strength training and cardio six days a week. Be sure to reserve one or two days for abdominal exercises. You don't need to over-do the abs workouts, just be sure work your back muscles as well as your waist in order to get greater contrast.

Broad shoulders, a wide back and a strong chest help to accentuate the slimming effect of your waist. The definition comes from shedding the fat from your body. A six pack abs workout is no good without dropping your fat level below 10%, so be prepared to shed dome pounds in the process.

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