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Winning Workout Routines For Toning :

The reasons people choose to commit to a workout routine are many. Typically, men and women are interested in one of the following:

* building up their muscles to look bigger, buffer and stronger
* slimming down for improved health and attractiveness
* improving their core body strength for better overall health and resistance to injury
* toning their body to attain that healthy glow

Of course, each of these goals calls for a different type of workout routine. If you are looking for a winning workout routines for toning, follow these 7 tips:

1. For free weight lifting, focus on repetition, not heavy weights:

Train with free weights as part of your muscle-toning routine. But how much weight should you be lifting? For bodybuilders looking to win a muscle competition or kick sand into the face of nerds at the beach with impunity, lifting very heavy weights should be the goal. That's because heavy weights build mass. However, because toning is your goal, you should be using lighter weights with high repetition.

2. Strengthen your abs with isometrics:

For an all-around more toned look, you need to really hit your abs hard. You should be working on your abs at least 3-4 times per week. Of course, sit-ups are a great start. And, if you have access to a gym, ab machines and leg extensions can also help you build your abs. However, these exercises can also be hard on your spine. For a safe, effective alternative, try isometric exercises. Isometrics simply means resistance training without actually moving your body. Isometrics can increase strength and tone without building significant muscle mass.

3. Blast your obliques:

If you ask people, "What makes someone look great in a bathing suit," usually "great abs" is the first response you get. But, it is easy to ignore the effect that great obliques (the muscles to the left and right of your abs) can have on your overall look. Firm obliques can actually make your abs look better. And, as a bonus, they can actually protect your spine from injury and stabilize your body. So, how do you get great obliques? Isometrics (see above) can help you here, too.

4. Employ compound exercises:

Your winning workout routine for toning should also include a generous dose of compound exercises. These are simply any exercises that include 2 or more joint movements. Compound exercises help with toning because they involve more muscles at once and therefore build more muscle mass. Examples of compound exercises include the squat, dead lift, chin ups, dips, bench press, barbell press, and lunges.

5. Remember to train your lower body:

You may not know it, but 60-70% of your musculature is in your lower body. While it may feel more important to focus mainly on your upper body during your workouts, focusing on your lower half helps contributes to your whole body's muscle mass gain - and therefore your toning process. When you work your lower body, you produce more muscle growth hormone, which will help you look more tone all over.

6. If have lost more than 50 pounds, you may want to condition your skin:

People who have lost a lot of weight in a short period of time may notice their skin does not look at tight as it used to. While your workouts will help focus your muscles into a tighter, better-defined shape - they will not help your skin regain its youthful look. The answer? Try a skin toning solution from your favorite cosmetics provider. Over time, this can help complete the toned look you are going for.

7. Make the right food choices:

Don't neglect your food choices when putting together your winning toning workout. You won't make nearly as much headway by following super-intense workout schedule if meanwhile you are eating junk food or just playing it "business as usual" in terms of your eating habits. Take the time to put together the right eating regime by talking to a nutritionist first - and then following their advice. Just this step alone will contribute heavily toward that tone body you are looking for.

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