Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Weight Lifting, Not Just For the Guys :

Weight Lifting, Not Just For the Guys

Weight lifting was once the bastion of only the most hardcore bodybuilders. Now it has gone mainstream with women, baby boomers and seniors all getting into the act, and for good reasons too.

Building muscle is by far the best way to constantly burn fat. This is because muscles require more energy to maintain than your fat cells. By simply developing more muscle, you increase your metabolism, and a increased metabolism not only helps you lose weight more quickly, it also helps you to feel more energetic and alive.

And if you're just trying to stay looking youthful, then weights are also the way to go. It keeps your skin firm and your body tight by fending off flabby underarms and thwarting cottage cheese thighs. And even if you have these unwanted attributes, resistance training along with an appropriate diet can help make them a distant memory.

If you fear that once you start lifting, you will quickly start looking like the latest Mr. or Ms. Universe, stop your worrying. To build that amount of mass requires years of dedication and meticulous eating habits, not to mention having great genes.

However, if your goal is to look like you could pose on a fitness magazine cover, depending on how out of shape you are, you can look like that in as little as 8 to 12 weeks. With regular weight training and proper nutrition, your before and after pictures could be so dramatic that your friends and family may not recognize you.

And even though weights are a great way to build muscle, any type of resistance training will do. This means instead of iron, you can use the weight of your own body or elastic resistance bands, which by the way is a safe alternative and inexpensive choice when compared to most home gyms.

So get off the sidelines and start lifting weights today. With consistent sessions, your body's metamorphic change will amaze you. I promise.

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