Sunday, January 23, 2022

How To Get Them Abs :

Let's be honest, everyone wants those abs. As Bodybuilding guru Vince Gironda once said; "Sharp, well defined abdominal muscles are worth a king's ransom. To my mind, there is no more treasured possession."

Some people do absurd regimens to try and get them, many have thought about doing 1000 + crunches a day to get that king's crown. Yet anyone whose tried that knows it just doesn't work.

So what does work?

The simple fact is, showing off that sick pack means melting that bodyfat. While proper exercise helps, you've gotta get that diet in line if you ever want to line up your abs.

You can have the most developed muscles your body can possibly grow, but if your body fat levels are too high, you'll never see that hard earned tone. While everyone has their own genetic blueprint determining body composition, one thing remains pretty standard; no one distributes their fat perfectly evenly. Men and women, in fact, tend to distribute their most stubborn fat differently. In Men, the gut sticks around the longest, while for women fat clings to their thighs and hips more than anywhere else.

Focus more on lower ab exercises all you want. Do all the leg raises you can stomach. You'll develop those muscles just fine, but you can't 'spot reduce' that resilient fat away.
So what's the advice? Scale back your ab work. Drop those reps and sets, and only perform them a few times a week. Bump up your cardio to fill that time you just cut from your workout. Work cardio as often as ......

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