Thursday, January 13, 2022

Tell Me How to Get Stronger Arms Fast! : Advanced Techniques

Tell Me How to Get Stronger Arms Fast! :  Advanced Techniques

Advanced Techniques :

Drop Sets - This requires performing strict repetitions to failure and immediately continuing the set with a lighter weight. Drop the weight at least 20% each time and go through 3-4 drops.

Forced Reps - Reach failure with strict form and continue the set with the help of a training partner. Don't get sloppy as you fatigue; make sure that you are getting enough help that you can maintain proper form, but not so much that you stop straining.

Rest-Pause Reps - Go until failure, then rest for as long as it takes you to count 15 breaths. Continue the set with the same weight until failure again. Repeat this 2-3 times.

Cheat Reps - Reach failure with strict form, and then loosen or change form so that you can continue the set. This may mean swinging a barbell curl or changing a skull crusher to a close-grip press. Remember that cheating doesn't mean getting sloppy. Each cheat has a specific technique associated with it so as to prevent injury.

So here it is: all there is to know on how to get stronger arms fast, especially when building for mass. Your progress will only be as high as the work that you put into it. When considering effective workout routines for upper body development, the key is structure, intensity, recovery, and consistency. Now get to it!

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