Monday, January 3, 2022

Why Do I Need a Personal Fitness Trainer? (Part 2) :

Why Do I Need a Personal Fitness Trainer? (Part 2)

Why Do I Need a Personal Fitness Trainer? (Part 2) :

It's easy to lie in bed, especially when it's cold out. It's easy to sleep. It feels so good to sleep.

It's hard to force yourself up out of that bed and get to the gym to work out. It's hard to push yourself to to one more rep, one more set (it hurts to work out!!). It's hard to run on the treadmill. It's boring and it hurts.

It's easy to buy the latest fitness video you saw on a late night infomercial. It's easy to watch that video while you sit on the couch in your sweats.

It's hard though to actually "do" the exercises on the tv. It's easier to just watch.

If you "could" get into shape by yourself, than why aren't you in shape?

That's where a personal fitness trainer comes in. A good personal trainer pushes you out of your comfort zone. He encourages you, motivates you, to "do" what you know you should do.

So, while having a fitness DVD or book is good, it still cannot replace a good personal trainer. A DVD will not call you on the phone or even knock on your door if you don't watch it. A personal trainer will. A book will not slap that hamburger out of your hand and chastise you for even thinking about eating it. A personal trainer will.

It's not easy to work out and get into shape, but it can be done, even by you. You "can" get into the best shape of your life. You just may need a little help. That's why you need a fitness trainer.

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