Friday, February 4, 2022

100 Crunches Everyday and Still No Abs :

100 Crunches Everyday and Still No Abs

Are you one of the ten thousands of people who are doing hundreds of crunches everyday and still don't have abs. Perhaps you are increasing your amount of daily crunches. Believe me you can do thousand crunches a day this is still not effective.

Rule 1: Get rid of body fat

Everybody does have abs however there are two major problems. In most cases they are hidden under a layer of stubborn stomach fat and crunches and sit-ups are the least effective exercises to make them ripped. First of all if you want to achieve visible abs you need to get a single digit body fat level or lower. And it is impossible to do that with a traditional diet. With traditional diets you will mainly lose water weight and lose lean muscle mass. That is the reason why most people lose some weight in the beginning but gain it all back or even more after a few months or even weeks.

Rule 2: Work with your body and not against it

If you want to have a flat stomach you need to know how your body works and how it reacts on several types of foods. The first thing you absolutely need to know is that you need all sources of macronutrients. That's right you need carbs, fats and proteins. Achieving a single digit body fat percentage is possible with eating unprocessed whole foods. Supplement companies may let you believe you that a magical pill or product is the only way to do it. But the truth is that most (95%) of these products do not work in the long term

Rule 3: Full body workouts for maximum results

Crunches, leg raises and twisting exercises will not give you a flat stomach. It is absolutely not truth that training the abs directly will give you the best results. In fact you will get barely any results at all. A full body workout if properly designed can give you a much better metabolic response rate and it is an effective way to increase the fat burning hormone levels in your body as well. Especially women do have a problem with using heavy weights. Mainly because they are afraid that they will bulk up. That it is not true, this is one of the most effective ways to get a lean midsection but you won't look like a female bodybuilder (although calorie intake need to be controlled)

Rule 4: Slow cardio gives you poorly results

Some of the leanest people in the world do not do any form of traditional cardio training at all. Stop worrying about the "fat burning zone" or how much calories you are burning during the actually workout. Instead you need to look at the bigger picture. What workout can I do to stimulate the metabolic rate in my body? How can I increase my fat burning hormone levels. The best way to achieve this is trough variable intensity training and strength training.

It is time that you know the real truth about getting a flat stomach.
And you don't need diets or going to the gym seven days a week.

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