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Massive female bodybuilder and former Ms Olympia Kim Chizevsky is now a skinny mom of two! :

Massive female bodybuilder and former Ms Olympia Kim Chizevsky is now a skinny mom of two!

KIM Chizevsky, a four time Ms Olympia and one of the greatest female bodybuilders the world has ever seen, is now a trim (even skinny!) mom of two!

The 43-year-old, who flexed 16.5” biceps, 28” quads and a 46” chest, on stage has dieted right down and now would barely attract a second glance in a crowd.

Kim, pictured below, who was absolutely huge, super-ripped and gorgeously proportioned in her competitive days, seemed unbeatable as she clinched four Ms O's in a row from 1996 – 1999. She also boast a host of other female bodybuilding titles and trophies.

Today, however, her fit physique is a riposte to the predicatable critics of female bodybuilding and their perennial, and incorrect, jibe that “all that muscle will turn to fat after  they stop training.”

Kim Chisevsky we at salute you!

Full Profile of Female Bodybuilder and four time Ms Olympia winner Kim Chizevsky

Lives: Missouri, USA

Age: 43

Look then: An all-round sports star in high school Kim became the all-round female bodybuilder. No single bodypart stood out because every inch of her was huge, shredded and perfectly proportioned.  

Look now: After muscling-down following four consecutive Ms Olympia crowns Kim downsized to try fitness competitions with only limited success. Her body is now dramatically skinnier than her Olympia size but she continues to look like a fantastically fit mom of two.

Best feature: Perfect overall symmetry

Best Stats:

Height: 5ft 8ins

Weight: 176lbs (offseason) 132-160lbs (competition)

Chest: 46 ins

Waist: 25 ins

Biceps: 16.5 ins

Quads: 28 ins

Calves: 17 ins


2002 Southwest Pro Fitness - 4th

2001 Fitness International - 6th

1999 Olympia - IFBB, Winner

1998 Olympia - IFBB, Winner

1997 Olympia - IFBB, Winner

1996 Olympia - IFBB, Winner

1996 Ms International - IFBB, Winner

1995 Olympia - IFBB, 2nd

1995 Ms International - IFBB, 2nd

1994 Ms International - IFBB, 5th

1993 Olympia - IFBB, 5th

1993 Ms International - IFBB, Winner

1992 North American Championships - IFBB, Heavyweight, 1st

1992 North American Championships - IFBB, Overall Winner

Quote: “Structure your diet so you eat every three hours for a total of five or six meals a day”

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