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Supermodel Supermuscle! IFBB Pro Leonie Rose is a female bodybuilder with the cover girl looks :

Supermodel Supermuscle! IFBB Pro Leonie Rose is a female bodybuilder with the cover girl looks

IF Vogue magazine ever publishes a 'muscle women' issue they need look no further than female bodybuilder Leonie Rose for a cover girl.

The 46-year-old personal trainer, and women's physique competitor, describes herself as a 'late bloomer' – something of an understatement for a female muscle athlete who looks half her age, photographs like a movie star and has built a body to die for!

Leonie, who hails from Jamaica but lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has been pumping iron for 12 years.

Like so many female bodybuilders Leonie started training after the birth of her third child (astonishingly her eldest is now 27!) to shed the baby weight.

She said: “My goal was to just to lose weight and get healthy but I fell in love with working out and went on to become a certified trainer.

“Competing came naturally after that. I love pushing my body to the max – and what better way to do it than bodybuilding.”

Now the 5ft 6ins, 160lbs bodybuilding beauty can boast peaked 16 inch biceps and the bodybuilder's holy grail... muscular quads which are bigger than her waist (29 inch quads and a 28 inch waist.)

Understandably Leonie has set her sights on the Olympia stage – especially now the focus is on 'women's physique' rather than the 'Ms Olympia' female bodybuilder category.

She told “Physique is perfect for me as I never really wanted to stay in the female bodybuilding class as I didn't want to get too big. Even now I'm still trying to make adjustments so as not to cross over.

“When I started competing I was considered too muscular for figure so I stepped up to female bodybuilding. But I only did one bodybuilding show then, fortunately for me, physique came along. Now I'm 100 percent a physique girl.”

At the age of 46 we have no doubt Leonie will make a serious impact at Olympia level.

But, over and above that, we think her dedication to fitness and bodybuilding and her impossibly youthful looks will be an inspiration to any woman thinking of picking up a dumbbell.

She said: “People do say the the weights seem to keep me looking young but I really don't know... I thinks is my determination to be the best that keeps me young. I'm a very late bloomer!

Full Profile of Female Bodybuilder and Physique Competitor Leonie Rose

Name: Leonie Rose

Age: 46

Job: Personal Trainer for over 12 years

From: I was born in Kingston Jamaica, now reside in Fort Lauderdale Florida

Height: 5ft 7ins

Weight: Currently 160 lbs

Body Type: Physique

Waist. ....28”
Biceps. ....16”

Chest press....200lbs
Dumbbell Shoulder press 65lbs
Curls...135 lbs

Competitive History

Pro shows
2013 Europra Cup12th place
Chicago Wings of Strength 11th
Tampa Wings of Strength 16th

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