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90s women bodybuilders flexing some serious old school female muscle :

90s women bodybuilders flexing some serious old school female muscle
 Jessica Martin, Donna Williams, Lenda Murray, Andrea Saurer, Helle Trevino, Natalya Kovalyova
90s women bodybuilders flexing some serious old school female muscle :

HAS there ever been such a top class line-up of female bodybuilders on a mainstream TV show?

US TV talk show favorite Geraldo Rivera lined up the cream of 90s female muscle for an incredibly positive exploration of the sport of women's bodybuilding.

On show, and in superb condition, were:

Lenda Murray

Debbie Kruck

Kim Chizevsky

Sharon Bruneau

Sha-ri Pendleton

Debbie Muggli

Nicki Fuller

Lenda was fresh from her fifth Ms Olympia win in 1994. She had lost her stage hardness but still had her trademark huge shoulders and dramatic V-taper.
Kim was  year away from her 'four-in a-row' Olympias but looked every inch the muscular female bodybuilding legend in waiting.

Both Debbi Muggli and Nicki Fuller looked both hugely muscular and fabulously curvy and Sharon Bruneau looked, as ever, like a supermodel with muscle!

Even the Geraldo show pre-amble was positive with a voice-over announcing: “Find out how female bodybuilding is shaping outer beauty and inner strength for millions of women. Female bodybuilders – crush stereotypes.”

Pretty encouraging stuff for the times.

And show host Geraldo went on to introduce the women saying: “They have the ultimate in fashion accessories for the 90s – not a handbag and not heels ladies, but abs, arms and legs, glamorous and sexy!

“Nicki's goal is to make beautiful muscles on women the fashion statement of the 1990s.”

There's no doubt that for a snapshot of women's bodybuilding in the mid-1990s you could not have got a better line-up in front of the cameras.

Built and beautiful these women seemed to point to a fitter, stronger future where women were encouraged to push themselves physically and build the best physique possible.

The question is, did it happen?

For many the 1990s were the pinnacle of female bodybuilding – where the sport was about just that building your body.

Just a few years later the powers that be would decide some of the women were getting too good at their sport and introduced new and confusing regulations limiting the amount of muscle.

Was that the future these icons of the sport thought they were building? Was it a good idea to limit female bodybuilding?

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