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Female bodybuilder and physique star Shira Rubin-Handley: “I'm bringing it home this weekend!” :

Female bodybuilder and physique star Shira Rubin-Handley: “I'm bringing it home this weekend!”
PHYSIQUE star Shira Rubin-Handley is determined to bring home a winner's trophy from this weekend's NBPFA Atlantic open bodybuilding show in New Brunswick.

Many thought the 41-year-old mom, who brought a perfectly balanced, muscled, and iron-hard physique to last weekend's NSABBA Nova Scotia 2013 provincials might have cause to be disappointed by her second place in the physique category.

But lifetime female bodybuilder Shira, who lifted her first weight at the age of 14, prefers to look forward and said: “I'm bringing it home this weekend! No doubt about that!”

Shira, appearing in her sixth show since her stage debut in 1996, was certainly up against tough competition at the Nova Scotia competition.

Eventual winner Kristin Harpa Katrinardottir (who by co-incidence was wearing an identical posing suit to Shira's!) was certainly in great shape, presenting a good amount of muscle, especially in her quads.

Holly Feltmate in 3rd and Cindy Larson 4th looked to be in the shape of their lives too.

But many felt Shira was not only more muscular but much sharper more defined. She also brought perhaps the most impressive and indeed most graceful X-shape to the stage showing the tightest waist and abs by far.

In the end there was only one point in it but Kristin Harpa Katrinardottir just edged it with the judges.

Halifax girl Shira said: “I was delighted to have qualified for the Nationals but I wasn't over-happy with second, as everyone was telling me I should have won or that it was one point difference. And that was definitely the best condition I have ever been in.

The Women's Physique category is still developing but Shira is pretty clear as to what the judges should be looking for.

She said: “They should be looking for a feminine, women's physique, enough muscle that it's not too shredded or gaunt looking, with nice and full muscle belly lean and condition.”

And we at say Amen to that and wish Shira every success at the NBPFA Atlantic this weekend and all her future female bodybuilding endeavours.

NSABBA 2013 Provincials Contest Results

Womens Physique

1 Kristin Harpa Katrinardottir

2 Shira Rubin-Handley

3 Holly Feltmate

4 Cindy Larson

5 Ruth Hopkinson

6 Heather Kennedy

Shira Rubin-Handley's Contest History

2013 Nova Scotia Provincials

Womens Physique 2nd

2012 New Brunswick Atlantic Classic

Figure masters 2nd

Middleweight  figure 3rd

2012 Nova Scotia Provincials

Womens Figure Medium 5th

1997 Nova Scotia Provincials

Womens Lightweight 1st

1996 Novice Womens

Lightweight 3rd

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