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Female bodybuilding grandma Ann Gannon muscles-up for her first Pro show :

Female bodybuilding grandma Ann Gannon muscles-up for her first Pro show

Muscular, lithe, perfectly proportioned and beautifully presented Ann Gannon is the consumate female bodybuilding champion. Oh, and did we mention, she's 60 next birthday?

If ever there was an advert for the 'time-stopping' benefits of female bodybuilding it is surely this 59-year-old grandmother who is currently 13 weeks out from her first Pro show -  Wings of Strength in Chicago on July 5.

Onstage Ann is a beautiful combination of female muscle, strength and grace. From her jaw-droppingly striated 23 inch quads, super-tight mid-section and fabulously peaked 14 inch biceps, everything screams high quality female muscle.

Women not just half her age but one third her age would die to have a body like hers.

Ann harboured a dream of building a muscular physique for 20 years, after watching her bodybuilder brother muscle-up in the 1980s.

However she did not pick up a weight until the age of 50 – and some of her friends laughed at the notion. Ann was undeterred and remarkably, thanks to an unstoppable focus and determination, she flexed her way to her first contest win just one year later.

She said: “When I turned 50 I told all my friends that I would be on stage the following year. Many were kind and some laughed at me. I was determined and worked very hard. I was 30 lbs overweight and at 4ft 1ins every pound was magnified.

“I began cardio and lifting every day and changed my eating habits. I hired a trainer and dug in. In one year's time I was ready to hit the stage at 98lbs at the Empire Classic in Spokane. I won first place and I was hooked.”

The statistics confirm this - Ann's Pro show in July will be her 20th bodybuilding contest.

She said: “This sport defies age – you have to believe in yourself and stick to your goals.

“I’ve been training since 2004 when I turned 50.  I’ll be 59 in a few weeks.  I’m a bodybuilding grandma.

“I feel great and think I am still competitive. I am a very competitive person and I love to lift weights.  I enjoy the fitness aspect.  I also like being different.”

ame:  Ann Gannon  

Age: 59 (on April 25)

Job: COO for Center for Reproductive Health, Spokane, WA

Where are you from (and where do you live now if different):  Spokane Washington

Height:  4’11”

Weight:  Off Season 130.  Show weight 109 last year

Body type:  Bodybuilder


These measurement are now.  I am 13 weeks out from my first Pro Show.

Chest:  38

Waist:  27

Quads: 23

Biceps: 14

Calves: 14


Squat: 300 lbs

Bench: 205 lbs

DB shoulder press: 60 lb dumbbells

Bicep curl: 45 lb dumbbels

Contests and results:

2012                    Teen Collegiate Masters Nationals 55+ 1st Place, Pro Card Award
2011                    USA ’s Open Lightweight 4th Place
2011                    Teen Collegiate Masters Nationals 55+ 1st Place, 45+ 3rd Place
2011                    Emerald Cup Masters 50+ 2nd Place
2010                    Teen Collegiate Masters Nationals 55+ 2nd Place, 45+ 5th Place
2010                    Empire Classic Lightweight 1st Place, Masters 50+ 1st Place, Overall Winner
2009                    Northwest Night of Champions 2nd Place Lightweight
2009                    Washington Ironman Masters 50+ 2nd Place    
2009                    Empire Classic Open Lightweight 2nd Place
2009                    Emerald Cup Masters 50+ 7th Place
2008                    Empire Classic Open Lightweight 2nd Place
2009                    Emerald Cup Masters 50+ 3rd Place
2007                    Evergreen State Open Lightweight 2nd Place, Masters 50+ 2nd Place
2007                    Empire Classic Open Lightweight 1st Place
2007                    Emerald Cup Masters 50+ 3rd Place
2006                    Empire Classic Open Lightweight 2nd Place, Best Poser Award
2006                    Emerald Cup Masters 50+ 5th Place
2005                    Evergreen State Masters 50+ 2nd Place
2005                    Empire Classic Masters 1st Place       

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