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Is Georgina McConnell the world's best teenage female bodybuilder ? :

Is Georgina McConnell the world's best teenage female bodybuilder ?
Her taut, tight waist tapers up to a vast V-shaped muscular back, lats like wings, every muscle hard and defined give way to bulging, almost impossibly striated delts and the big beautiful curves of her biceps and triceps.

Ladies and gentlemen meet Georgina McConnell, she's just turned 19 and she may already be the best teenage female bodybuilder in the world.

“'I absolutely love bodybuilding. Most girls want to be thin and dainty, but I want to ge

“'I absolutely love bodybuilding. Most girls want to be thin and dainty, but I want to get BIGGER!” she says and these are not just idle words – Georgina McConnell eats, breathes, sleeps and lives female bodybuilding.

Georgina has only been bodybuilding seriously since she was 17 years old but, under the watchful eye of bodybuilder Anth 'The Freak' Bailes she has transformed her physique from waif-like teen to seriously muscular female bodybuilder.

She is set to compete at the British Championships later this year and with her combination of brute size and crazy definition together with genuinely graceful lines and obvious femininity Georgina McConnell is set to make a serious impact.

The student from Tyne and Wear, in the UK, has already taken top honors at the UKBFF [UK Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation] North East Championships this summer.

Unbelievably, Georgina has fallen foul of the internet trolls and been subjected to online bullying.

But the determined and inspirational teenager simply hit back with a 'screw you' manifesto of her own which yo can read here!

And, while the insignificant haters continue to live with their moms, Georgina has been causing something of a media storm with major articles in UK newspapers The Daily Mail and Mirror, the New York Post and newspapers all over the world.

Rather fabulously her article at the Daily Mail Online comes complete with almost 100% POSITIVE comments from readers. Georgina's mix of muscle and beauty seems to have changed the minds of people who would normally reach for knee-jerk stereotypes where female bodybuilders are concerned.

We've shown Georgina's pics to many respected female bodybuilders and they have been amazed at the levels of muscularity she has achieved in such a relatively short time.

And we at have no qualms that the name Georgina McConnell will be up there alongside Iris Kyle, Kim Chizevsky and Lenda Murray if she decides to take it all the way.

And Georgina DOES dream of becoming a pro bodybuilder with the International Federation of BodyBuilders (IFBB).

She said: “I really enjoy competing and would love to be a pro one day. I get quite scared before stepping on to the stage, but I’m alright once I’m up there.
'I’ve also made a lot of like-minded friends through bodybuilding, who keep me going and keep me focused.”

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