Friday, March 18, 2022

Mike Mentzer workout :

Mike Mentzer workout
Mike Mentzer
Who is Mike Mentzer?

Mike Mentzer was a professional bodybuilder in the 1970s. He retired from competition after the highly contested Mr Olympia 1980, disgusted to see that Arnold Schwarzenegger had won the event when in everyone's opinion he did not deserve not to win. Subsequently, he was seen training people at Gold's Gym, or by correspondence, at the same time as he wrote articles in magazines and several books.

Mike Mentzer is controversial and above all knew how to capitalize on his extraordinary physique and a certain talent as a writer to sell an “exotic” training method. As a professional bodybuilder, he certainly trained less than the others, not even as little as he recommends in his books (see Mike Mentzer's training routine).

However, we have admiration for Mike Mentzer, because even if he necessarily had a pecuniary interest, he sought, and thought he had holed up, in good faith, a scientific and optimal method to gain muscle. He was passionate, whole and extreme, in his training as in his life choices.

His story was masterfully told in the excellent book Mr. America written by Nicolas Chemla.

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