Sunday, May 15, 2022

Tammy Neslund Woman bodybuilder At 60, she has the body of an athlete ! :

Tammy Neslund Woman bodybuilder At 60, she has the body of an athlete !
I promised I would share my photos from my Photoshoot in Miami.  Next stop Santorini Greece.  All photos are unedited and not filtered.

I'm going to  be 60 in 2 months, 5'2, and weight 117.   My fitness journey stated when I was in my late 30s. I have always been athletic and played sports but never took care of inside out.  I called myself "skinny fat."    I had little muscle and my eating habits were terrible.  I ate 1 or 2 meals a day which weren't meals at all.  I was starving myself and one day said enough.  I've always been strong minded and set goals.  I hired a trainer and he said "you need to compete."  I said the typical statement "I don't want to be bulky!"  I didn't know that I had to put on muscle to achieve the look I wanted.  I wanted fullness, muscle definition, and my skin tight.

I competed in my first show and placed first.  I was hooked.   As my fitness career progressed I turned IFBB Pro at age 50.  I competed after PRObut didn't want to keep a bigger frame to keep up in PRO. I changed and went to fitness modeling.  I miss the stage but love the camera.

I have a nutritional coach and have my meals made specifically for me and what I have going on during the year.  I eat 5 meals per day full protein, carbs, fats, and greens.  It's not just one thing that helps my fitness. It is a combination. It's drinking at least a gallon of water, 8 hours of sleep, rest, being around positive people, and loving my career of skin tightening through lasers and aesthetics.  I love changing peoples lives through their skin and fitness.

In summary life is much too short.  As I mature I love each day like my last, take chances, step outside of the box and be uncomfortable. In this time is when I have had the most success and growth.  My goal is to help others sharing my story.  If I touch one I have achieved my goal!  I'm always a work in progress.  I'm not perfect and never want to be as I would have nothing to work on! ❤️

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