Thursday, June 2, 2022

Goddess Of Muscles Female Bodybuilder Tina Lockwood

Goddess Of Muscles Female Bodybuilder Tina Lockwood

Tina Lockwood is a gorgeous muscle female bodybuilder. She is 4e years old. Her physique is perfect for femininity. She was one of the largest and biggest female bodybuilders of all time. She did have great genes for size and shape.

Tina Lockwood belong to the greatest and legend athlete.

Tina Lockwood she was beautiful and huge

Tina Lockwood she is the history in the female bodybuilding planet,  sensational

There are rumors of a return to the Bodybuilding scene in some capacity for the lady who shocked everyone 20 years ago.

This article is only for knowledge purposes and to dedicate her hard work to legendary female bodybuilders.

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Sara Emilia said...

If Tina Lockwood is still alive, she is certainly much older than 42. Think about it for a second. You said that she got 2nd place in the Ironmaiden NPC contest as a heavyweight in 1991. That was 31 years ago. If Tina Lockwood is 42 years old, then she would have been 11 years old in 1991. You also said that she won the Jan Tana Amateur NPC Overall in 1994. If she is 42 years old, she would have been 13 during that contest.