Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Personal Trainer, Motivation to Get You Where You Need to Be in Life, The New Fitness Coaches :

Personal Trainer, Motivation to Get You Where You Need to Be in Life, The New Fitness Coaches

One simple equation to keep in mind: Motivation=Personal Trainer. I have seen in my days many serious gym rats that feel depressed because they are not reaching their maximum potential at the gym. Personal trainers have the responsibility, or as I would say the obligation to help them out. I am always encouraging those who are serious about gaining weight and muscles to train with a partner. You need to find someone who has the same goals and convictions to make your journey easier, and who will make you feel bad if you slack off. We all know that bodybuilding is a solitary sport, you don't really need anyone there to do the exercise, except when you try to lift heavy and you need a spotter. I have trained many times with partners, and I feel constantly motivated to push myself beyond belief. This is how you gain muscle. It is by going through that pain barrier that you can see results. How can you do that without a training partner? You'll figure this one out.

Personal trainers and professional bodybuilders are always accused of having a big ego. Maybe because we walk around in the gym, and after a good pump, we flex in front of the mirror. We see what the exercise actually made us accomplish. Yes, we gloat. We are proud of what we've accomplished, but the mirror is just a tool. Think of it as being an artist and building the perfect statue. You use clay to define the muscles in the statue, and if you feel that you need more mass in certain areas of your design, then you add whatever is needed. You hope to create a masterpiece, hoping that this statue can be placed in a show room at an art exhibit. Is the artist gloating? No. He is merely proud of the masterpiece and wants to share it with the world. Professional bodybuilders at the Mr. Olympia show are proud to have created the masterpiece and share it with bodybuilding fans. This sport is getting more and more popular every single year. More and more attendants come to the show an
d share the excitements of seeing gigantic masses of muscles close-up. After seeing a show, you are definitely motivated to take your ass to a gym and start pumping like crazy.

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