Wednesday, July 20, 2022

How to Add a Quarter Inch to Your Arms in 7 Minutes

There is some debate among bodybuilders about the best way to build your biceps. Is it high volume training? High intensity training? Exercising the biceps twice a week? Here's what I've done to personally put on .25 inches on my biceps in just 4 brief, 7 minute workouts...

If you've struggled trying to put size on your biceps and triceps, this could be the most interesting article you've about to read. Many people would like more muscular arms and so they have a notion that they need to do more volume training.

Soon enough, you find yourself working your biceps and triceps twice a week for 60 minutes! Of course, you don't notice much in terms of progress and you wonder what else you can do.

But first a word of caution: This routine isn't for beginners. It's for advanced trainees who know their body, who can and will engage in high intensity work and have an open mind.

If you have 7 minutes, twice a week, this is a 4 week plan that is guaranteed to put a quarter inch on your biceps. Maybe more, maybe less but one thing is for sure. It's going to be tough.

Introducing the Unvarnished Arm Routine!

Take a step back in time and meet Boyer Coe who won the 1969 AAU Mr. America and the 1969 NABBA Mr. Universe. Boyer is said to be one of the first athletes to use this unique arm routine. He's also said to have biceps and triceps that were too big for his body. A problem many males would welcome.

If you've ever thought of getting your arms too big for your body, then this may very well be the routine that pushes them over the edge.

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