Sunday, November 20, 2022

6 Fitness Success Strategies to Start Now :

 Truth be told, yes, exercise and nutrition are KEY to fitness success.

Here are 6 fitness success strategies - to start NOW!

1.  Consistency:  the key for long term success

 I DO have a slightly different perspective on this rule.  About consistency, that is.  Because it may be that you are VERY consistent - at not following through with your fitness and health objectives!  Whatever you are now "getting" with your health and fitness goals, it is a product of whatever practices with which you are currently being consistent!   Change the objectives and follow through, be consistent about that, and an entirely NEW result will be yours.

2.  Hang around with people you want to be like

The most successful people I know in any personal venture or avenue of business make it a point to surround themselves with people who are not only aspiring for what they would like to achieve, but who are being successful at it as well.  With internet, online group, and email connections, it is easier than ever to find others who are moving in the same direction of health and fitness as you.  If we find ourselves constantly falling short of our daily goals, it may be worthwhile to look around and see the energy and fitness focus of those whom we spend most of our time with.

Of course, this doesn't mean you need to "drop" those friends.  It does mean that it is also going to benefit you to connect with people who are being successful at what you want to achieve, too.

Everyone has experienced the value of an exercise buddy - it can be as simple as that, for a start.

3.  Remember: ups and downs are an unavoidable part of the process

In my work as holistic fitness coach, I can't tell you HOW many times perfectionism rears its ugly head and precipitates a "fitness crash".  Making exceptions and excuses is one thing, but being obsessive and compulsive about each minute of exercise and each morsel of food never produces lasting results and happiness!  Find the strategies and connections that keep you on track and invest your resources there.

4.  Model others who have what you want and are already doing - and embodying - that to which you aspire

I bet that some images and/or names popped into your head as soon as you read #4.  If not, then it may be one of the obstacles to your progress!  Role models are powerful allies in our quest for success.  I know that personally, finding someone who "has what I wanted" proved to be powerful medicine for moving my success forward.

There are pathways to fitness, health, and outlook success that have been paved before you.  Find those who already embody that to which you aspire, and watch what they do, learn from their experience!

5.   Realize that effort, hard work and tenacity are going to be part of the game

If the days you follow through on  "I don't feel like eating right" or "I don't feel like exercising today" outnumber the days that you follow through on your health and well-being plans, then I don't have to tell YOU what kind of results that you will get!

Remember that what you do 90% of the times is what is going to deliver your results.  Yes, there are multiple strategies available to help you stay on track, which brings us to 6.

6.  Find a coach or mentor to get faster, longer last results.

6 Fitness Success Strategies to Start Now 6 Fitness Success Strategies to Start Now 6 Fitness Success Strategies to Start Now 6 Fitness Success Strategies to Start Now 6 Fitness Success Strategies to Start Now 6 Fitness Success Strategies to Start Now

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