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Fitness Health, What Gets Measured, Gets Results :

Fitness Health, What Gets Measured, Gets Results
In today's society, people are more worried about their Fitness Health, instead of just their health or fitness alone. This has seen an increase in people seeing nutritionists and dieticians to design custom diets that maximise energy throughout the day as well as keep their weight down.

The term Fitness Health measures your current health and fitness together giving you a total wellness score out of 100 points. The fitness component is measured with a standard Beep Test, where participants move between two cones twenty meters apart. Participants wait for the recorded beep at the end of each section before running back to the opposite cone, this is repeated till they are unable to make it back to the cone before the next beep.

The health score is measured by adding your BMI score, Hip to Waist ratio and blood pressure results together and dividing by 3. The combination of the two scores can be added together to give you a % score out of 100. This is a much more comprehensive check of your overall wellness.

Over the years practitioners have come up with multiple tests to check your current health or fitness. Many of these tests alone are flawed as they don't take into account individual age, weight, height or fitness level. The idea behind the fitness health program is to provide a test that combines all necessary data which is easily obtainable and providing you a score out of 100.

The scoring system allows people of different age, weight, height and fitness level to compare themselves against each other. The higher the score the better the results, this is a great motivator for individuals to work hard and improve their score each time. A perfect 100/ 100 is the ultimate score and a true indication you are at the top of your game with optimal health and paramount fitness.

Because of the simplicity of the test and lack of expensive equipment, personal trainers, small gyms and accredited fitness companies can provide this test to their clients. The test is a great starting point for new clients and provides a monthly goal to work towards as well as keeping your client coming back with little or no effort.

The fitness health test is a great way for people who are serious about their training and health to measure their true wellness today. The key to sustainable health and fitness is measuring your results and constantly improving them, remember what gets measured gets results!

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