Sunday, December 11, 2022

Leg Extension Partials

Today, we're going to apply one of the "Platzian" practices to our own training. One of the techniques he employed was extremely high repetition leg extensions. These would follow his regular torturous leg workout, and were designed to pull every possible drop of blood from his body into his already demolished legs. Platz would limp out of the weight room, sometimes on crutches, content in the fact that he had absolutely left it all on the gym floor.

Here is a sample workout involving the use of leg extension partials. This workout begins as a standard, intense leg workout. After completing all of the movements except the last, you should be pretty exhausted. Don't save your energy for that rough last movement. They should be completed when you're already pretty well taxed and just about done for the day. It is only then, at which absolute muscle failure can be achieved!

Squats 4 x (8 - 15 repetitions)
Leg Press 5 x (8 - 10 repetitions)
Hack squats 4 x (10 - 16 repetitions)
Stiff-legged deadlifts 4 x (12 - 16 repetitions)
Lying leg curls 5 x (8 - 12 repetitions)
Leg extensions Super 12s, follows by 5 minutes of partials

Begin by completing a single set of leg extensions for twelve reps. Count to 12 and complete another set. You may reduce the weight if needed. You will continue in this fashion, completing 12 reps then taking a very short 12-second break. You will complete a total of 12 sets. Once you complete these, you can't stand up yet, nor would you want to try. At this point your legs should be completely saturated with blood from the 144 reps of leg extensions you just completed. But that was the easy part. Now you are going to complete one final set, the likes of which you've never seen. This set will involve 5 straight minutes of leg extensions. You will start with a very low weight, and move the leg pad very slowly. Soon you'll be sweating and possibly having hallucinations. This is normal! Keep pumping away. You will complete this movement for 300 seconds, or five minutes, no matter how slow you have to move, or how light you have to make the weight. By the end of your set, you will very likely be moving 10 pounds about an eight of an inch- and that's okay! You've just trained your legs to a point way beyond failure. Limp to your car and enjoy a nice post-workout shake!

Leg Extension Partials Leg Extension Partials Leg Extension Partials Leg Extension Partials Leg Extension Partials Leg Extension Partials

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