Thursday, December 8, 2022

You Are in Denial If You Think You Don't Need Proper Exercise :

You Are in Denial If You Think You Don't Need Proper Exercise
We hear all the time that we all need to exercise but really, why should we bother? All that high calorie food tastes good and sitting around on the couch doesn't feel too bad either. But our bodies are not designed to sit around, or lie around and do nothing all day and such inactivity usually has predicable results.

Gaining weight is an obvious one and feeling tired is another. It is hard to imagine how exercise can help when you don't feel like moving. But without proper exercise that works our muscles on a regular basis they lose their tone and become soft and flabby.

We have all heard the old expression 'use it or lose it' and that is exactly what happens when we neglect to do basic maintenance on the muscular system of the human body. Without the challenge of weight bearing exercise, our body has no stimulus to renew itself, and organs, tissues and cells grow old, frail, and prone to injury and disease.

But with a proper program of strength training exercise the muscles are challenged to stay strong and healthy. Growth and repair hormones are triggered and sweep out old degenerated cells and tissue. To replace this old worn out debris new tissue is made that is younger, stronger and healthier.

This is why people who exercise their muscles on a regular basis look and function years (sometimes decades) younger than someone who is sedentary. If you sit around all day and sit watching television at night your body simply cannot get the activity it needs and around 50 percent of your muscle tissue will be lost before one hits old age. This is a recipe for a nursing home.

It is up to each of to do the necessary self maintenance on our own body. It is way too late to wait till we get sick or injured then expect a doctor to fix us up. Think of the doctor as the breakdown service and a strength training exercise program as the self maintenance that we need to do to stay healthy.

If you wait till you need a doctor it is highly possible that it will be too late as once the human body has arrived at a broken down state there is little any doctor, drug or any other medical procedure can do. 'Lifestyle disease' is not curable and these can range from heart disease, cancer and diabetes and dozens of others caused by what you do and don't do in the way of proper exercise and nutrition each and every day.

But you do not have to go down this road. Get yourself to your local gym or fitness centre and get started on your proper strength training program as it is the only type of activity that will work your muscles through their ranges of movement under a load.

Anything less than this will simply not work, so forget the low intensity activity like going for a walk. We all have legs and we all walk and it is time to discover this is not a proper exercise program. It is a fact that fifty percent of the world's population has a 'lifestyle disease' and many of them have multiple conditions so clearly it is not working.

You will be delighted and surprised how much difference to your life that this type of exercise can make. Not only will your muscles be stronger which will make everyday tasks and activities a breeze. When strengthened, your body will be able to work harder and longer before you get tired so you will be able to pack so much more into your life. Every area in your life will be better and this means physically, mentally and emotionally. And the biggest benefit of all - you will feel a 'million bucks'.

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