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10 Quick Tips For Building Muscle :

The 10 quick tips below should always be used when creating your training program to ensure nothing is missed which might hold back your gains. These are relatively simple things that many overlook and could greatly improve the results on the scales! Remember, there is a fine line between those who are ultimately successful in bodybuilding and those who fall by the waistside and that difference is the ability and dedication to do multiple things well.

Take a look at the tips closely and see if there's anything you can change or incorporate which might take your training to the next level.

1). Nutrition

The importance of getting the diet correct is crucial in succeeding in bodybuilding. Nutrition is thee biggest reason why so many people fail in bodybuilding. It counts for around 70% of your success in putting on size a should take a lot of consideration. It's a simple equation that your daily calories should exceed the amount that is burnt through training to add muscle mass. Keeping a daily journal of your calorie intake can be a great way of evaluating whether or not you are getting enough.

2). Sleep

Your body makes its gains outside of the gym when resting, not in the gym. Many believe that extra time sleeping is time wasted, but this couldn't be less true. Sleeping equals rest and as we all know rest equals growth. Turn off the alarm clock and try to wake up naturally when you're rested. This means at least eight hours for most people. Your body will thank you with decent gains.

3). Training Variation

Wouldn't it be wonderful to stick to your favourite training program for years on end whilst maintaining great results? Unfortunately our bodies are too clever for us and with in a matter of weeks will quickly adapt to any training program we throw at it! A way to combat this is to mix a variety of free weight and machine exercises, never sticking to the same routine for a particular body part for more than 6 weeks at a time.

4). Progressive Overload

This is the technique of increasing the weight lifted or the amount of reps done in order to continually tear the muscle fibres allowing them to build back bigger and stronger. Why is this important? Well, by never changing the weight or reps the muscles will adapt and condition themselves to handle the weight but will never get any bigger. Every training session should be an improvement on the last to ensure your body is constantly being pushed to its limits.

5). Correct Form

Using correct form during exercise will not only improve gains but will also create added benefits such as symmetry and prevention of injury. Never sacrifice correct form for using heavier weights as this will inhibit gains in the long run.

6). Sixty Minute Workouts

If you're new to training you may think that more is always better in terms of time spent in the gym, I know I did! This however is the opposite case. You should try and avoid training for anything over an hour as it is proven that workouts are less effective after this time. Try and keep your workouts intense and avoid any unnecessary rest breaks which may take you over the golden hour.

7). Preventing Overtraining

When it comes to training its vital that you listen to what your body is telling you. If you're spending 2 hours or more a day in the gym with next to no noticeable results then it might be your body telling you you're overtraining. Try and back off a little and give your body some time to recover.

8). Drink water

Lots of it. Water is critical to every function our bodies. Getting enough of it ensures proper bodily function and is without our muscles would not grow. Take a look at the Importance of Water article to learn how water effects bodybuilding.

9). Warm up before lifting weights.

It's important to warm up correctly before beginning weight lifting. Perform a quick full body stretch followed by 5 - 10 minutes cardio at 70% max heart rate. Warming up can prevent muscle injuries whilst training and can improve performance.

10). Have a workout plan.

Keeping a training diary is essential to progressing in bodybuilding. Buy a small training diary and record all of your workout sessions in it, including exercises, reps, sets and weights. This will give you information on how you are progressing with each exercise, what needs to be improved and will ensure that you are pushing yourself each time you train.

10 Quick Tips For Building Muscle 10 Quick Tips For Building Muscle 10 Quick Tips For Building Muscle 10 Quick Tips For Building Muscle 10 Quick Tips For Building Muscle 10 Quick Tips For Building Muscle

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